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“The prescribing Clinic’s Medical Services are the solution for General Practice to make the difference to patient care”

1. Simon Stevens, NHS England Chief Executive said: “This has the potential to be a win-win-win for patients, their GPs and for pharmacists. Tapping into the skills of clinical pharmacists should help expand care and relieve some of the pressure that GPs are clearly under. This isn’t a silver bullet but it is a practical and constructive contribution to the wider challenge.”

Non Medical Prescribing Annotations are additional qualifications or responsibilities held by a registrant. An independent prescriber can prescribe any medicine for any condition (excluding 3 Controlled Drugs for the treatment of addiction). A supplementary prescriber can prescribe any medicine for any condition within an agreed clinical management plan.

Healthcare Pharmacy training site for Pharmacist Healthcare Pharmacy Training site: Healthcare Pharmacy UK is also registered training site to train newly qualified Pharmacist who wants to join community pharmacy as profession. • All training will be accredited by UK registered company as per UK standards. • There will be an opportunity to use this experiences when these trained pharmacist work abroad. • Following training courses are."

2nd opinion of your medical treatment From UK Doctors "2nd opinion of your medical treatment From UK Doctors" A unique Service from UK registered Doctors, GP, and Consultant & Pharmacist Prescriber.

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The Prescribing Clinic is a clinical service for GP & General Practice run by Pharmacist Prescriber. The Pharmacist Independent Prescriber and Clinical Pharmacist are dedicated healthcare professionals, well skilled & competent to perform primary care activates in General Practice such as Clinical Medication Reviews, Medicine management & Medicine optimization, clinical Audits, staff education, minor ailments clinics, reviewing & Monitoring long term conditions like Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension.

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